The New Internet (Internet Protocol version 6, or IPv6) has already been mandated by entire organizations (e.g., Sony) and governments (e.g., Japan, Korea, India, U.S. and other Defense Departments) to replace the old Internet (also known as version 4, or IPv4).

There are several reasons why the New Internet was created - security, mobility, accountability and prioritization (versus spam and hacker attacks), end-to-end addressing, better multimedia transport, and the ability to have virtually unlimited addresses in order to empower billions of devices such as cell phones, gaming platforms, automotive and other electronic devices with direct Internet access. Sony has decided that all of its products must be New Internet compatible - should your company be doing the same?

We can help your company get on board this fast-moving train with our expertise in configuring and implementing IPv6 systems. With our multi-computer IPv6 Cisco router testbed, we can design, configure and test your specific implementation prior to installation.

Rates: $100 per hour consultation, jobs may be quoted either hourly or flat rate. Contact us for more information.

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