eBay Assistance

We Specialize in

  Computers & Networking Equipment
  Audio & Video Equipment
  Cameras & Camcorders
  Collectibles & Books

We accept items
with a minimum eBay value of $50.

Services Provided

  clean item if necessary
  take pictures
  list item on eBay
  collect funds from buyer
  advise seller of sale
  pack and ship item
  issue payment for your item


  20% of selling price, plus
  shipping and handling (usually charged to buyer)
  all ebay listing fees
  all ebay final valuation selling fees
  all paypal transaction fees*

Terms and Conditions

Unless other arrangements are made, owner of item is responsible for delivering the item to our office at
212 East Holt Blvd. Ontario California

You will be provided with a receipt and an eBay Auction Agreement.

Settlement (payment) is normally made within a week of the end of the auction, however some forms of payment may take longer to clear. You will have the option to accept Paypal only*, the quickest form of payment.

Any item that does not sell the first time will be re-listed once. If the item does not sell after the second listing, owner is responsible for payment of listing fees and pickup of the item at our office. We will not re-list a third time without specific instructions from the owner.

*Paypal has a fee of 2.9% +.30 for a transaction, plus other fees for international payments.

eBay example

video camera

starting price: $250.00
final price: $375.00
listing fee: $3.60
final value fee: $ 11.81
commission: $75.00
paypal fee: $11.99
net to you: $276.20

Doesn't that beat letting it sit in your closet?

fees calculated based on eBay's page at pages.ebay.com/help/sell/fees.html

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